Supplementary Material

This page is intended to offer a common evaluation base for all submissions to the Special Issue on Secure Steganography in Multimedia Content of the EURASIP Journal on Information Security. The organisers of BOWS2 made available the originals of their 10,000 images database that was used in the BOWS2 challenge (wait until mid April). Thank you Patrick and Teddy.

Greyscale images in PGM format:

  1. bows2-1g.tar.gz images 1...1000 (176M)
  2. bows2-2g.tar.gz images 1001...4000 (504M)
  3. bows2-3g.tar.gz images 4001...10000 (1.1G)
Colour images in PNM format:
  1. bows2-1c.tar.gz images 1...1000 (549M)
  2. bows2-2c.tar.gz images 1001...4000 (1.5G)
  3. bows2-3c.tar.gz images 4001...10000 (3.3G)

The images can be extracted from these archives, e.g., with tar or WinRAR. If you would like to provide other sets of media for evaluation here, please contact us.

The Guest Editors of this Special Issue